Our Year of Renewal.

Dear friend,

As we come to the end of 2013, the board and staff at Apeiron wish to express our immense gratitude to you for hanging in there with us over these last years of transition. While you are likely aware of our expanding work in educating RI students and schools for a Sustainable RI and world, we are pleased to share our behind the scenes success with you too, and our new platform for action in 2014. We close the year on a celebratory note of stability and health. There is much to look forward to, and much we would like to do with you!

If you follow our work, you know that the combined New England Environmental Education Alliance Annual Conference and RI Sustainable Schools Summit held at Salve Regina was a huge success, the most well attended NEEEA conference to date. You know that our growing partnership with Rhode Island College yielded the creation of new courses through regular and continuing education and that our jointly presented Deep Energy Retrofit workshop helped to catalyze a new model for community skills building.

These and the continued growth of our school- and center-based programming confirm the demand for what Apeiron uniquely offers, our commitment to and focus on greening schools as learning laboratories, integrated systems thinking, and incorporating behavior change for sustainability into traditional and experiential learning. You also know that the Center for Sustainable Living in Coventry is continuously improving through your volunteer efforts and initiatives as a demonstration model and program center for RI and beyond, to create the relationship we want with the resources and systems that sustain us, rather than the one we inherited. 

What you may not know, is that 2013 is the year we overcame the challenges of our past and have now created the Apeiron we want and that our state needs! With our new sound structure, mission clarity and action plan, we have attracted new people and resources. With four new board members and a new director of operations and the loyal and dedicated expertise of our long time board members and education team, we are so looking forward to 2014 we can barely contain ourselves.

Here are some of the things we can't wait to do with you:

  • Thanks to New England Grassroots Environment Fund, Apeiron will be helping RI Earth Institute to rebuild capacity to expand the Sustainability Circle movement.
  • At the intersection of art and sustainability, the spark of creation so essential, so joyous and so infinite, we will be offering new opportunities for micro and macro gathering and making. (We are going to surprise you!) Stay connected through our face-lifted website for updates on these beautiful plans.

  • With our many loyal partners at colleges, schools and universities, RI DEM, GHHI , RIEEA, NEEEA, and RIDE, we will renew our efforts for conservation and renewable energy, deep ecology, environmental literacy, household, neighborhood, and municipal health, expanded transportation modes and use, and much more.

So, while we won't be buying presents again this year for oh so many reasons,
here's what's on our wish list:

  • State wide commitment and action to reduce carbon and ecological footprints

  • A "RhodeMap" to clean, healthy, bikeable and walkable communities and places

  • 100 more members in the Sustainable Schools Network

  • The integration of sustainability education and support for environmental living for every Pre-K student through graduate school

  • Green options for business and exchange

  • Access to healthy food and recreation within walking distance of every home and work site

  • A sense of place and community in which people take care of each other and earth.

 What could be better, really?

Won't you join us in bringing our dream for a sustainable state into fruition? Please donate, update, get in touch and get ready to get together. We need you. 

All our love and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year,

      Alanna, Alexa, Amy, Bekah, Byron, Elisabeth, Ju-Pong, Maryellen and Matt