The Apeiron Institute is a recognized leader in the field of sustainability education and advocacy in Rhode Island. A locally focused nonprofit with offices in Providence and an ecological housing model, The Center for Sustainable Living, in Coventry, Apeiron’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, and research opportunities to help Rhode Islanders create more sustainable lifestyles, communities, and institutional practices.

Apeiron’s work is grounded in a vision of a world where humanity respects its intimate connection with the earth and lives in a manner that fosters educated, prosperous, physically and spiritually healthy communities while creating and sustaining clean air and water, fertile soil, abundant wildlife, and beautiful places.

Focusing primarily on educating Rhode Islanders toward developing greater awareness of sustainability issues and integrating sustainable practices into business, civic, and personal life, Apeiron’s current work includes:

  • Integrating sustainable practices into all areas of K-12 Education through the Sustainable Schools Network and educational programming
  • Providing Green Job Training and education programs to area workers
  • Educating the public through a wide variety of programs at the institute’s Center for Sustainable Education
  • Partnering with higher education institutions to develop opportunities for research and education in the field of sustainability


To transform Rhode Island into a sustainable state where the needs of the present are met without compromising the needs of future generations. By promoting sustainable living practices we act as a catalyst to creating healthy communities. We lead by example and serve as an information portal that educates, connects and inspires individuals, families, schools, businesses, communities, governments and other institutions to live more sustainably.


A world where humanity recognizes and respects its intimate connections with the earth’s systems and its multiple forms of life including:

  • A better world that offers clean air and water, fertile soil, abundant wildlands and wildlife, and beautiful places.
  • Sufficient resources to keep us healthy without sacrificing the earth.
  • Healthy economically vibrant communities that celebrate inspiring education, meaningful work, and artistic and spiritual expression.

Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability should be an integral part of all decisions that our society makes.
  • An awareness of interconnectedness of all life, combined with a long term global perspective, is essential for ensuring a sustainable future.
  • Sustainable communities should support economic, environmental, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Our organization must model sustainability in all its activities through efforts such as conservation, recycling, and use of environmentally sound technologies.
  • A critical component of strong communities is healthy interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect, fairness, accountability, and honest and productive communication.
  • Each of us has an important and meaningful role to play. Our true strength lies in our collective power to create a sustainable world that offers opportunity and hope for all.

What does our name mean?

The Apeiron is the ancient Greek philosophical concept of the infinite spatial existence of substance. Anaxaminder was the first of the Greeks to use the word Apeiron to refer to the universe as spatially unbounded. Anaximenes, Xenophanes, Melissus, and the later Atomists extended the meaning of the Apeiron concept to the infinite, the indeterminate, and the boundless.

Originally named “The Apeiron Foundation,” in October of 1994, the organization was created with the belief that infinite and boundless possibilities exist for the growth and development of all forms of life on Earth. If we are ever to fully explore these possibilities, we come to some basic agreement as to how we, as humans, live – not only with each other, but with all forms of life on Earth. The organization changed its name to the Apeiron Institute For Environmental Living in 2002 and to the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living in January of 2008.

Apeiron in the News


Michelle Mancone, Sustainability Educator,Volunteer and Field Trip Coordinator

Board of Directors

Alexa LeBouf, Co-Director, Research Associate, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Alanna Green, Co-Director, MARCOM and Brand Management, Banneker Industries, Inc.

Ju-Pong Lin, Member-at-Large, Faculty, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Goddard College

Kate Aubin, Member-at Large, Educator