Like many, we at Apeiron are looking forward to a period of updating, organizing, clearing out and refreshing our space to set a good tone for the new year. There are a few things we could use - and maybe you can help!

  • Blenders, food processors, and toaster ovens for our Eco-Chefs programs
  • Cutting boards (also for Eco-Chefs)
  • A decent vacuum cleaner! All it needs to do is suck up dirt. We have two, which barely do that. (Any ideas about how to upcycle old vacuum cleaners?)
  • art supplies for classes: washable markers, crayons, pencils, construction paper, kids' scissors, glue sticks
  • extensions cords and power strips
  • Some new computers! We could use a good laptop or two, a good desktop or two, or even three, to replace the good old workhorses we've been using that are starting to slow down.
  • Our printer/copier/scanner: Another piece of previously reliable equipment that went KAPLOOEY recently and started eating pages like Cookie Monster with a box of Chip-Ahoys. Got a good one to lend or give?
  • computer speakers
  • a webcam
  • 6 or 8 or 10 Comfortable stacking or folding chairs for our larger meetings and events.
  • A big rug, low-pile or woven, in cheerful colors for our meeting space. At least 9x11.

That's Amy if you would like us to take any of these items off of your hands. Remember, in-kind donations are ALSO tax-deductable!

AuthorAlanna Green