The Apeiron Center for Sustainable Education


Designed by a team of experts in sustainable design and technologies, the house showcases more than fifty environmentally friendly systems, technologies, and products, including: passive and active solar energy systems, natural, recycled and non-toxic building materials and construction, straw-bale walls, radiant flooring, permaculture landscaping, and so forth. The Center's exhibits explain all the housing model's features, including how they differ from traditional systems, their cost-effectiveness, and their payback periods. The Center, located on 55 acres of land owned by the Nickerson House Community Center, is open to the public during scheduled events.

Energy Efficient Design
Passive Solar
Super-insulated walls with cellulose (recycled paper)

Photovoltaic (solar electric system)
Wind-energy turbine

Solar heating and hot water
Open-loop radiant floor heat system
On-demand propane back-up

Non-toxic and Natural Materials
Natural materials building methods
Natural materials interior and exterior finishes
Non-toxic paints, stains, primers, and caulks
Lumber from ecologically managed forests

Ecological Water Treatment Systems
Composting toilet
Constructed wetlands
Low-flush toilet
Reduced-sized leach field

Super-efficient appliances
Compact fluorescent light fixtures
High-performance windows
Shallow frost-protected foundation
Locally harvested lumber
Engineered lumber products
Colored and scored concrete flooring
HCFC-free polyisocyanurate insulation

Recycled Materials
House uses pre-existing dwelling
Recycled fiber carpeting
Recycled roofing material
Salvaged lumber
Recycled, all-wood-fibre flooring material
Recycled lumber furniture

Organic Gardening
Indoor green house
Edible landscape
Permaculture garden
Herb gardens

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about renting the facility, please contact us. Tours of the Center are held on scheduled dates. For more information please contact us directly at or 401-228-7930.